Voice Alarm System Frame TOA VX-3008F

3,772.30 Bez PVN: €3117.6
  • Preču zīme: TOA
  • Preces kods: VX-3008F
  • Pieejamība: Pēc pasūtījuma

The VX-3008F frame is one of three system managers of TOA’s VX-3000 series rack-mount type public address and voice evacuation system certified according to the European Standard EN 54-16.

It provides 8 speaker line outputs/zones that can be switched between two amplifiers. This allows broadcasting two different audio signals simultaneously on the speaker lines. Up to three additional VX-3008F frames without amplifiers can be added to expand the number of zones. The amplifier modules can be easily mounted and removed. Up to 3 power amplifier modules of different wattages can be mounted, two of which amplifiers drive the speaker lines, while one is a standby amplifier. The standby amplifier, when mounted, can be shared among other VX-3000F units. Each amplifier channel has the following DSP functions: different filter types (PEQ, HPF, LPF, shelving, CD-horn EQ, notch), compressor and delay that enables appropriate acoustic adjustment for any broadcast area. The smart ANC function enables the control of ambient noise and is not affected by the audio signal it controls. Therefore, the sensor’s installation location is not critical. The monitoring of the speaker lines can be selected between impedance monitoring with selectable pilot tone or by end-of-line modules.

The VX-3008F has 4 balanced audio input terminals from microphone up to line level sensitivity, with phantom power selection for microphone use. The inputs can also be set for receiving an emergency broadcast from another VA system of higher priority and broadcast it under the condition of the emergency mode. Up to 8 remote microphones can be connected via RJ45 ports; two of which can be emergency microphones. The following DSP functions are available for each input channel: different filter types (PEQ, HPF, LPF, shelving) and compressor. Helpful features such as feedback suppressor or voice-controlled broadcast activation (VOX) enhance the usability of the system.

  • Up to 3 amps (2 amps for 8 zones + 1 standby amp)
  • Full VA and PA functionality
  • All indications and controls according to EN 54-16
  • Fault status indication for each speaker line
  • Operation and audio signal status indication per amplifier
  • 8 control outputs by open-collector-transistor and 8 by 5 A relays
  • 16 standard and 2 voltage-controlled control inputs with monitoring

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