Fireray One smoke detector is already available in our stock and online store!

Our previous range of reflective beam detectors require manual alignment, which takes on average ten minutes to set up and align. However, our new detector the Fireray One not only features motorised self-alignment (which takes 60 seconds), but several advanced features that other beam detectors do not have.

These features include:

  • One Minute Auto-Alignment ™ – Once the laser is positioned onto the reflector the Fireray One will automatically align itself in 60 seconds.
  • One-person installation – Simple to install, no need for multiple hands or specialist knowledge, this detector can be aligned by anyone.
  • One standalone product – No need for additional wiring or fixing of other products. This standalone detector is simple to install and set up.
  • Light Cancellation Technology ™ – High levels of infra-red from either the sun or ambient lighting will not cause the detector to go into false alarm.
  • Building Movement Tracking ™ – This compensates for the shifts in alignment due to building movement (providing the detector and reflector have been correctly installed).
  • Dynamic Beam Phasing – Allows detectors to be mounted facing each other without the worry of stray Infra-Red signals from each detector affecting the other, potentially causing false alarms.
  • Works up to 120M (FIRERAY One (120m))


FIRERAY One (120m) – operating distance up to 120 m

FIRERAY One (50m) – operating distance up to 50 m

Fireray One Fireray 50/100RV
Range up to 120 m  
Built-in controller
Dust compensation
Installation in 60 seconds

BK Latvia – Fireray’s official representative in Latvia