All questions and orders can be managed by webpage, phone and email.

If you would like to order the goods on the same day, please call us in advance, we will have the goods ready, we will agree on the time and you can take the goods from our office restricted area.

Free shipping on all orders within Latvia!

In the context of a virus outbreak, we are calling to minimize direct contacts. We recommend making all inquiries and orders using the Internet and communication. Orders can be placed through the e-shop on our website , as well as by e-mail and telephone.


We have a large stock of goods, every day different logistics companies deliver goods from stock to our customers. The goods will arrive in Latvia within the next day.


BK Latvia  wishes to contribute to the protection of human health in Latvia by reducing close contacts. Therefore, from 13.03.2020 we will offer free shipping on all orders within Latvia!

Warranty service: Please take the opportunity to send us the equipment to be repaired by courier, please include
as much detail as possible of your defect and your contact information.

Currently our staff do not travel abroad, we do not welcome foreign guests . We are well prepared
, we have an epidemic plan for 2020, which we are currently implementing. All
employees know how to behave. We have disinfectants available
to our customers. We do not conduct meetings, comply with hygiene requirements, minimize
human contact and encourage our clients to do the same.


Be healthy!